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Tooth Colored Fillings for a Lovely Smile

If you are looking to keep your smile healthy, be sure to attend your semiannual dental exams to check for cavities. A cavity occurs when the enamel of a tooth Read More

Enhance Your Smile by Eating These Foods

Confusing” is the easy way of understanding health guidelines. At Paul L. Evans, DDS, we want you to have robust oral health wherever you may be, whether that’s in our Read More

A Significant Lip Injury Might Need First-Aid While Assessing the Need for Further Care

There are times when a household accident, a hard fall, or a blow to the face from sports can cause significant oral trauma. While this can certainly damage teeth and Read More

Is Your Child Losing Teeth? Make it Less Scary by Teaming Up With the Tooth Fairy

Your child will lose their baby teeth in different ways, and sometimes it can be scary. This phase should start around 6 or 7 years old, and the baby teeth Read More

Principles Concerning CEREC® Dental Crowns

If you are looking to upgrade your smile with a dental crown, you should consider the benefits that CEREC® crowns have to offer. Using state-of-the-art technology coupled with the skilled Read More

Oral Health Wonders: Dental Perils Posted July 7, 2017.

In order to give your smile the best chance of oral health success in the future, you need to analyze all risks associated with tooth hazards in your life. If Read More

Do I Need a Crown?

Dr. Paul L. Evans may suggest a crown if your tooth is weak, or needs to be held together, or because the tooth is broken or severely worn down. The Read More

Set up Your Teen Smile for Summer Success with Optimum Oral Health Care

Set up your teen smile for summer success with optimum oral health care. As you progress through the teenage years, you may be faced with a multitude of peer pressure Read More

Invisalign® for Your Healthy Smile

When it comes to aligning your smile, Invisalign® is not only good for your teeth but your oral health as well. The American Dental Association (ADA) has found that an Read More

Can Tooth Loss Be Fixed with Dentures?

Can tooth loss be fixed with dentures? Dentures are a removable tooth replacement possibility that can fill any gap you have, large or small, for a functional smile that is Read More

An Introduction to Dental Bridges

If you’ve lost a permanent tooth because of oral trauma or periodontal disease, don’t worry; there is a solution! Among many possibilities, your dentist, Dr. Paul L. Evans might call Read More

Do You Need a Root Canal? We Can Help!

What have you heard about root canal therapy? Have you been told that it’s an extremely unpleasant treatment? Fortunately, root canal therapy has made a number of advancements in recent Read More

How to Maintain a Strong and Healthy Smile While You’re Active

Dr. Paul L. Evans and our dental team want you to have the strongest and healthiest smile possible. Little did you know, sports and activities can harm your teeth and Read More

Understanding the Progression of Gum Disease

Gum disease is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissues that needlessly afflicts the oral health of millions of Americans each year. When poor oral hygiene habits fail to Read More

Oral Health: Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime

If you desire a healthy smile for a lifetime, it is certainly within reach. In fact, maintaining oral hygiene habits for good oral health is important as you age, because Read More

A Fluoride Treatment Can Restore the Mineral Density of Tooth Enamel

As you go about your average day, the acidic foods and beverages you consume can deplete the mineral content of your tooth enamel. This process of demineralization can is even Read More

Viewing 81 - 96 out of 117 posts

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