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Dr. Evans office was proud to support Denim Day 2017! All funds raised went to a local non-profit organization, DVSAC.

California CareForce is coming to Grass Valley in November, click the link if you’re interested!

Radio Interview with Rita Stevens, KNCO, 10/1/2014

Dentistry From The Heart

It was the Office of Dr. Paul Evans that introduced Nevada County to “Dentistry from the Heart”
in October 2008. Several dentist and their staff in the area have joined us in giving of their
services to those in need during this event. Dentistry from the Heart is a non profit organization
which provides dental care to those who cannot otherwise afford it. With the help of other local
dental offices over $46,000 in free dental services have been provided to members of our community.

Letter to the Editor:

Smile It’s Free

Thanks to all the wonderful people who made “Dentistry from the Heart” possible on Oct. 11.
“Smile, it’s Free!” was written on both sides of the form that I filled out to receive this
service. It was so heartfelt that I had tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart as I left
with my cavity filled. Well over one hundred people were served that day.

Inspired by “Doctors without Borders”, Dr. Paul Evans, along with five dentist, an oral
surgeon, five hygienists and several assistants, offered a free trip to the dentist in
Nevada County. This comes at a time when going to the dentist can be so financially
overwhelming that it was an incredible relief to be given a break.

Many of those served that day were mothers and children. The kindness was contagious. The
person in line before me had a friend who left and came back with a box of food and coffee
for everyone in line. Later that day, someone else came by with pizza for everyone.

I hope that they will do “Dentistry from the Heart” again, and that others will follow
their example. Thank you!

Carol Meals, Nevada City
Letter to the Editor
The Union, December 8, 2008

Radio Interview with Rita Stevens, KNCO

Kindergarten Dental Screenings

Since 2007, Dr. Evans has given his time to perform dental health screenings for kindergarteners in Nevada County. Good Dental health is essential for children to be able to grow and learn.

Dear Dr. Evans,

Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to examine the dental health of our students. Your volunteer contribution of expertise will help to keep our students happy, healthy and learning!

Patty Mandrug, RN
District Nurse

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