How to Maintain a Strong and Healthy Smile While You’re Active

Dr. Paul L. Evans and our dental team want you to have the strongest and healthiest smile possible. Little did you know, sports and activities can harm your teeth and gums more than you might realize. This is why we encourage you to keep your smile in mind while you are active. That way you can have the top-notch smile and oral health you deserve.

To take good care of your mouth, please do the following things:

First, wear a mouthguard whenever you step on the court, field, or track. A mouthguard is a strong and reliable appliance that can protect your teeth and jaw from the hard, forceful objects that hit them during your game or match. If you don’t wear a mouthguard, there is a chance you’ll suffer an oral injury, like chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth.

Second, do your best to not drink sports drinks. Sports drinks have high amounts of sugar and acid. These two substances are very threatening to your smile because they can create dental issues, like tooth decay, and they can also wear down your tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity. The best beverage to drink while you are participating in sports and activities is water. If water is not good enough, you can drink unsweetened coconut water.

Third, fight dry mouth. Dry mouth is a very troublesome and annoying dental issue that is common among athletes. However, it is also a dangerous dental problem because if you don’t produce the right amount of saliva, food particles and bacteria will remain in your mouth and your smile will turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, which will promote and encourage many dental issues. To prevent this from happening, drink water on a regular basis and brush your teeth after each practice and game.

If you do these things, you’ll be on your way to a strong, healthy, and protected smile while you play sports in Grass Valley, California. For more information about our provided tips, please call Paul L. Evans, DDS at 530.273.4442 at your earliest convenience. Our team will be more than happy to help you in any way we can!

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