Fighting the Bad in “Bad Breath”

No one likes bad breath. To eliminate oral odors, most people brush their teeth, chew on gum (which should be sugar free), or rinse their mouth out. There is, however, a condition which makes the prevention of bad breath very difficult. It is called halitosis, and our dentist in Grass Valley, California, wants to help you fight it.

One of the best ways you can fight halitosis is by brushing your teeth more efficiently, so remember these tips:

— Use a toothbrush that can reach all parts of the mouth. There are curved toothbrushes that can reach the back of the mouth and multi-level, trim toothbrushes for cleaning crevices.

— Make sure to brush your tongue. Many odor-inducing bacteria reside on there. For maximum efficiency, use a tongue cleaner.

— After brushing, use anti-bacterial mouthwash to reach places that the toothbrush didn’t

— Make sure to scrub the gums and the gum line.

Some other ways to prevent halitosis include:

— Consume less sugar. Sugar helps bacteria thrive.

— If you smoke, consider making a plan to stop. Tobacco is detrimental to the mouth and encourages infectious bacteria to inhabit the mouth.

If halitosis persists, you can make an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Paul L. Evans, by calling Paul L. Evans, DDS at 530.273.4442. Our dentist can provide you with advanced treatment for halitosis.

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