Is Your Child Losing Teeth? Make it Less Scary by Teaming Up With the Tooth Fairy

Your child will lose their baby teeth in different ways, and sometimes it can be scary. This phase should start around 6 or 7 years old, and the baby teeth will be replaced by the permanent teeth. If tooth loss is scary for your child, there are things in the world that can make it a little easier and less frightening, and one of those things is the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy is a kind little character that visits your child when they lose their teeth. When a tooth falls out, your child should clean it, put it in a plastic container or little box, and place it under the pillow. Then, while your child is asleep, the Tooth Fairy will visit your child. She will take the tooth and replace it with something your child might desire, like money, treats, or toys. This is how the Tooth Fairy rewards your child.

Because of the Tooth Fairy, many children enjoy the age when they lose their teeth. They love that the little Tooth Fairy visits them and rewards them for something that might be a little tough and scary. So, please feel free to tell your child about the Tooth Fairy to make this phase a little easier.

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