Tooth Colored Fillings for a Lovely Smile

If you are looking to keep your smile healthy, be sure to attend your semiannual dental exams to check for cavities. A cavity occurs when the enamel of a tooth erodes at to the point that visible hole forms. Don’t let your cavity ruin the look of your smile; keep it lovely with tooth colored fillings.

A tooth-colored filling is an innovative alternative to dental amalgams. Traditional amalgams use a combination of metals bound together by mercury. Tooth-colored fillings, however, are mercury-free. They can also be shaded and matched to the natural color of your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings like composites are highly efficient for smaller cavities which amalgams cannot reach. In addition, they can be reapplied several times over without the need to remove the initial filling. If you need cavity treatment and wish to retain the natural look of your teeth, a tooth-colored filling should be used.

If you believe you may have a cavity and desire a professional dental filling treatment at Paul L. Evans, DDS at our dentist office in Grass Valley, California, call us at 530.273.4442 to book an appointment with Dr. Paul L. Evans. We will first offer a dental exam to check for cavities, after which we will treat your lovely smile with a tooth-colored filling. Our team looks forward to caring for your smile!

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