What Happens When You’re Missing Teeth?

What happens when you’re missing chompers? Will you be able to speak suitably? Chew correctly? And how will your other pearly whites react? Find out by reading on.

Several side effects become present when a patient is missing teeth. One of the prime side effects is the inability to enunciate appropriately; pronouncing words appropriately is much easier with teeth. Difficulty chewing and tooth-crowding are further side effects. Another side effect is a drop in self-esteem. Lots of people have suffered from depression after losing chompers, from a drop in self-confidence and a (usually) resultant dip in social interaction. Finally, the aesthetics of the face change when teeth are missing, resulting in droopy cheeks and lips and toothless smiles.

To prepare for your visit to receive false teeth, please make sure you’ve finished the following steps. Be sure to confirm your checkup at least a day ahead of time, and brush and floss your teeth before visiting the office to save time during the appointment. If you are a new patient, please arrive a small bit early to complete info forms. If you will be receiving sedation, please follow any instructions that our staff has given you about preparing for it. Finally, please be thrilled! A new, healthier oral cavity is waiting for you.

To arrange your visit with Dr. Paul L. Evans and our team, please phone 530.273.4442 to speak with our Grass Valley, California, office. Paul L. Evans, DDS will be happy to help you with your dental care needs.

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