Do I Need a Dental Exam or Cleaning?

We understand that dental appointments can feel inconvenient or make you anxious. Even if you notice no problems with your teeth and gums, procrastinating a cleaning or an exam is really not a good idea. Attending a cleaning or exam every six months helps you keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

Regular cleanings remove plaque that you may have missed even with the best brushing and flossing. If the plaque remains, then it can build up and harden into tartar, which your brush and floss cannot get rid of easily.

Dr. Paul L. Evans and our team, however, have more professional tools that can take out plaque and tartar with greater ease. Cleaning these things out helps you prevent cavities and gum disease to a greater degree.

These appointments can also point out gum disease or cavities, if they are developing. If you try to spot them on your own, it will be extremely difficult. You may not recognize the early signs, especially with cavities, which are small enough to be almost unnoticeable. Dr. Paul L. Evans and our team have more training with noticing the signs of cavities and gum disease when they are just beginning, and we can help you put a stop to them before they cause real problems.

As you can see, semi-annual dental cleanings or exams are more helpful for you than not, as they help you stay happy and healthy. If you reside in or near Grass Valley, California, and would like to get a dental cleaning or exam, you can come to our office You can call 530.273.4442 to set up a visit.

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