Fall in Love with Your Smile Thanks to Composite Dental Fillings

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If you wish to improve your smile by eradicating any oral health damage that may be present, it is essential to visit your dentist to determine if any cavities have arisen in your mouth. If a cavity is present, it means a hole in your tooth enamel has formed. In order to treat it, a highly effective tooth restoration in the form of a dental filling will be required. One particularly useful option to consider is a composite dental filling.

When going over the numerous tooth restorations to improve your smile, it is important to think about any forms of protection that will help prevent further damage in the form of tooth decay from occurring. If tooth decay arises is in the form of a cavity, it means that a dental filling will be needed. Ideally, a composite dental filling can be extremely beneficial for protecting your smile.

A single composite dental filling treatment can effectively last for up to 10 years. Composite fillings are often used to mimic the natural color of your teeth, and they can be used on cavities that are extremely small and microscopic, even for cavities too small for dental amalgams to treat effectively. For this reason, composite dental fillings are also known as tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored composites have numerous benefits for your smile. In addition to matching the color of your teeth and providing additional durability, they also avoid materials that may cause allergies for many individuals, including mercury. Furthermore, they are better sealants of the margins of teeth and will not leak as dental amalgams often do.

Seek the path to oral health greatness with composite dental fillings. No matter the composite dental fillings you are in need of, Dr. Paul L. Evans and our team at Paul L. Evans, DDS are here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Grass Valley, California, please call us at 530.273.4442 to talk with a member of our team.